If you are are a Co-Driver, either at the WRC, national Rallying, or even an amateur, then this is the app for you.

The Ultimate Rally CoDriver App has been made for the Rally CoDrivers.

Coming soon to Android & Windows Phone!

Mechanics Checklist

The Mechanics Checklist allows you to record information regarding issues that may need addressing when you reach the service area. This information can be emailed to the mechanic before you reach the service are so that they can be prepared in advance. You can record whether specific items need attention and the severity of the issue on a scale of 1-5, very quickly and easily, for the following items: Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Engine, Gearbox, Electronics, and Set Up. You can also indicate if the tyres need changing and if there has been heavy impact that may need attention. You can indicate the locations of the heavy impact on a graphical view of the car. You can also add notes to expand on any of the issues that you have indicated require attention.