If you are are a Co-Driver, either at the WRC, national Rallying, or even an amateur, then this is the app for you.

The Ultimate Rally CoDriver App has been made for the Rally CoDrivers.

Coming soon to Android & Windows Phone!

Record Stage Times

The Record Stage Times is split into three separate functions, Edit Competitors, Capture Stage Timings, and Input Stage Timings. The Edit competitors allows you to enter the Team Name or Team Number (or anything you want to use to identify a competitor) for up to 15 competitors. The Capture Stage Timings feature allows you to use your phone camera to take a photo of the Timing Board at the end of each stage so that you can use that information to populate the Timings details at a later stage when you have more time. You can take as many photos as you like. The Input Stage Timings allows you to view the photos that you have taken (if any) and input the Stage Times for your team and any/all of your competitors. you can select the Stage Run (SS1 to SS30), the team, and select the time in minutes (0-240), seconds (0-59), and tenths (0-9). The timings are displayed on a grid that shows the stage time and total time for each team on each stage. There is also an offset that indicates if each of the competitors is +/- your stage time and total time, so you can quickly see how you compare to your competitors on each stage and overall.