If you are are a Co-Driver, either at the WRC, national Rallying, or even an amateur, then this is the app for you.

The Ultimate Rally CoDriver App has been made for the Rally CoDrivers.

Coming soon to Android & Windows Phone!


Version 1.0.4

21st October 2012
  • UPDATED Changed App name back to Ultimate Rally CoDriver

Version 1.0.3

16th October 2012
  • NEW You can now use the app in miles as well as kilometres. 
  • UPDATED Change of Name
  • UPDATED Change of App Icon
  • UPDATED We have updated the app to support the new iPhone 5 screen dimensions. 
  • UPDATED We have updated the app to support IOS6. 

Version 1.0.2

4th May 2012
  • UPDATED Minor Changes.

Version 1.0.1

28th March 2013
  • UPDATED Changes to incorrect email & social media links. 

Version 1.2

25th February 2012
  • NEW Added support for non-decimal separator localisations. 
  • FIXED Corrected display of date in Recce Lists for non-GMT time zones. 
  • FIXED Fixed crash on attempt to set empty ‘Time at Stage’. 

Version 1.1

22nd February 2012
  • NEW Added Italian Language